I provide legal support for those in need!

What if you need someone else to ask for some procedures such as visa updates? As you know, there are many complicated paper works to be done in Japan. I am certified legal specialist called Gyoseishoshi and labor and social security attorney to do required procedures as a representative of my client. Feel free to contact me.

What is Gyoseishoshi?

A Gyoseishoshi is a national licensed lawyer who practices to prepare documents for public agencies and/or submit them on behalf of clients for fees in administrative applications and documents relating to rights and duties or certification of facts such as various contracts and wills etc. under Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist Act. The demand for highly skilled legal and professional knowledge in documentary arrangement is growing with increasing complex and sophisticated social structure and business environment.

What I can do as labor and social security attorney

Procedures for labor/social insurance Application of labor/social insurance

Annual renewal of labor insurance

Notification of base amount for calculation of social insurance

Application for subsides

Preparation of a roster of workers and a wage ledger

Development/revision of rules of employment

Consultation and instruction for labor management Consultation on employment management and personnel development

Consultation on personnel affairs, wages and working hours

Human resource management audit

Consultation on pensions Check of the insured period and qualification for the benefits

Preparation/submission of application for benefits

Application for lump-sum withdrawal when you about to leave Japan